Providing Financing to Empower Drivers

Speedy Tuk Tuk provides asset financing for commercial vehicles in emerging markets.¬† Speedy’s core product is a lease-to-own financing structure offered directly to tuk tuk drivers. Already, Speedy is the largest (and only) lease-to-own provider for tuk tuks in Madagascar. Speedy is on track to help thousands of drivers own their own tuk tuks. After drivers own their tuk tuk, their income effectively quadruples.

Impact Through Investing in the Individual

Speedy strives to make an impact on individuals in the lowest income brackets through our lease-to-own program

Aligning Incentives Towards Empowerment

Drivers are used to driving for wealthy tuk tuk owners. Through Speedy, driver’s work ethic is positively reinforced as they build equity in a cash-generating asset.

4x Income

Driver’s pay over 75% of their daily net-income to rent their tuk tuks, after owning through Speedy, they can effectively quadruple their income.

Impact Investing Is About People

Here at Speedy, we love our team!

Our local team of Malagasy embodies the passion, diligence, vibrancy, and desire for social good in their communities that we strive to spread throughout the world. As we invest in supporting our local team through training, education, and hands-on experience, we see great dividends paid out in social change for the communities in which we operate. Speedy is owned in part by local partners.


How Can I Get Involved?

Love what we’re doing? Think you can help? Here are a few ways you can get involved.

Apply Your Skills

We are always looking for passionate people to join in the effort. If you are excited by impact investment, social business, or international business, we would love to apply your skills to help move our vision forward. We have positions for any interested volunteer/intern in the USA or in Madagascar. Contact us at if you are interested in joining our team or helping support Speedy with your skills.

Impact in Action @ Speedy Tuk Tuk

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